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Last Exile RPG

Taking you to another world

Clouded Symphony RPG
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Welcome to the ONLY Last Exile RPG: Clouded Symphony!

1) Please try and keep your character "in-character" as much as possible. Don't have them running around screaming random things... unless its one of those "random nights"...

2) Don't make a journal name BEFORE knowing if your character is taken or not! I cannot stress enough when someone groans and complains about them already making a journal. I don't care. Tough luck.

3) Please get some user icons asap. And try to keep the icons to the characters inside the anime. I don't really want to see Alex R.'s icons be Brad Pitt.

4) KNOW how to roleplay before coming in. And no "internet speak" while in character. It would be odd to see Lavie post in a journal like so: Leik 2 day wuz soooo much furn!!!!!!!!!!!!12 eye wanna du mre wif Claus!!!
Yeah. Don't do that.

5) Respect everyone!

6) Be sure to introduce your real name or nickname, if you aren't comfortable with saying your real name. Its nice to get to know the muns (aka people behind the computer screen) so you can be more friendly and open with the characters.

7) Oh yes, check back here every now and then for rule updates and such. We'll probably post it up in the main journal (this one) just in case. <3

8) Be sure to have Aol instant messanger. We will hold chats there sometimes, and you can interact with characters there.

9) Please keep the journal entries to a PG-13 to light R level, unless you put NC-17 stuff under a cut. :D

10) Please, when you apply, ONLY apply for one character. Then we will decide if you can have two. You also cannot have two main characters. :D Or then it wouldn't be fair.

11) Have fun and suggestions are always welcome.

How to Join

Please fill this small form out. ^^;

Name (nickname):
AIM screename:
Location (time zone reasons):
Who would you like to play?:
Is this your first time RPing?:
If so, please show us how you would play out your character in...

-a chatroom:

-in a journal entry:

Please place it somewhere where I can see it. Its a hassle to have to look through posts. Just drop it off on the first post on the community journal. It makes it easier. :<

Taken Characters

*Dio Eraclea: pastel
*Alvis: _alvis_
*Sophia: sophiaforrester
*Vincent: vincentalzey
*Lucciola: [No Journal for now]
*Alex: alex_row

Everyone else is free right now!


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