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Well then! Its been a while, hasn't it?

I'm sure some of you have been talking to me, and we've all been quite busy! D: Thus why this RPG was on haitus for a while. BUT NOW... I am trying to bring it back. ^^ I'm sure some are excited! I know I am... XD

But anyway, please comment here if you're willing for a group chat sometime soon. What time and day will be best for you guys?

Um, this is who I know we have so far:

-Temp. Lucciola

Jet! Are you still willing to play Claus? And I wonder if Tiff is still playing Alvis. We shall see! *nod*

Does anyone have a plot idea just to get the end over with? I spoke with Cai tonight on the phone about it, and I think the majority like the "Blue Planet" idea... for now. We'll see how it goes, mm? ^^

Your loving Mod,
Rika :
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