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RPG transcripts?

Hey, it's your ex-non-Alex here. I haven't lost interest in the RPG even though I unfortunately can't actually PLAY. One thing strikes me: I can keep track of events by reading the character's Journals but it seems to me that, knowing what I know about your twisted minds, I'm only getting a "sanitized" version of the events tidied into a "literary" style.

That's all and well but when I read about the Silverna crew stripping down to deal with the heat my mind really DOES boggle as to what I'm missing out on. I'm talking about the comic entertainment here. I'd feel a bit more than filthy if I attempted to get sexual thrills out of a RPG involving female players some less than half my age (I'm 35). I feel I have to repeat this disclaimer to avoid misunderstandings.

So... er... basically what I'm saying is I'd really appreciate it if you could save me any amusing snippets. Maybe if you publish them to others you'll get more people showing interest.. just a thought. ;)

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