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Been given 24 hours to tie up loose ends

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A lot to go through

Okay, number one thing I need to state:

Alba, Alex, you were correct on the time zones, I'm afraid. We thought it would be easy this way, but some of us are getting back into going to school, and it will be tough to stay up to RP... and I suppose the Alex's we've had before this [which is one, but it seems like too many already!] are "test runs" of sorts.
So, Alba, I'm sorry about this. You were right and I jumped in too soon thinking it would be fine with a different time zone and all.
I believe Cai spoke to you already, if I am not mistaken. But even so, I felt the need to post this as a personal apology that you couldn't be our Alex. Thank you, though.

Next thing. Tiffany [our Alvis] will be gone for a few days, unless she has internet access at her father's home. ^^; Which she does, but I don't know yet if she will be on or not. [This means I will have to give her a call and see...]

Nitasse, our Delphine, has been having family issues I believe. Though we need our Delphine soon. We need a lot of people soon so we can finally move from Develop...

The Alvis glow thingie [XD;;] will happen very shortly, so watch out for an update on episode changes. Of course, the episodes will not be exactly the same. If not, nearly everyone will be dead. And, er, we don't want that.

I'm almost deciding to take up Lavie myself, even though it's... wrong. *sighs* But we need you guys to pimp your little hearts out for the sake of moving on.

OH. Which reminds me. WE NEED TO HAVE A MEETING. I think I will plan it to be either this Saturday or maybe Sunday. I will be nearest to 7 or 8 PM Pacific time. I'll give you the update and heads up probably by tomorrow.

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