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[20 Oct 2004|10:28pm]

[ mood | happy! ]

Well then! Its been a while, hasn't it?

I'm sure some of you have been talking to me, and we've all been quite busy! D: Thus why this RPG was on haitus for a while. BUT NOW... I am trying to bring it back. ^^ I'm sure some are excited! I know I am... XD

But anyway, please comment here if you're willing for a group chat sometime soon. What time and day will be best for you guys?

Um, this is who I know we have so far:

-Temp. Lucciola

Jet! Are you still willing to play Claus? And I wonder if Tiff is still playing Alvis. We shall see! *nod*

Does anyone have a plot idea just to get the end over with? I spoke with Cai tonight on the phone about it, and I think the majority like the "Blue Planet" idea... for now. We'll see how it goes, mm? ^^

Your loving Mod,
Rika :

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Just a little something I noticed [28 Aug 2004|12:19pm]

It still says that Alba is playing Alex in the info.. so.. I was thinking.. yeah ^_^

I only notice these things when I'm sick out of my mind, which is what I am right now, unfortunately.

Ok, just wanted to point that out. thx.

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Reporting? [27 Aug 2004|03:11am]

Hello everyone? It's a surprise to me but I recieved official orders from Vincent to report here. I didn't even know I took orders from him...

[Name (nickname): jet]
[AIM screename: jetspectacular]
[Location (time zone reasons): So-Cal, PST]
[Who would you like to play?: Claus]
[Is this your first time RPing?: Nope]

Vincent: You came here because you had nothing to do?
Claus: I.. No that's not what I mean, Vincent. It wasn't because I was bored but I was.. restless, I suppose. Everytime I wake up and start the same routine-- going to the market, helping neighbors repair their houses, farming and all the things that keep me...locked..in that small area-- even when I'm flying over , I feel as I've lived that lifetime to it's limit...
Vincent: 'That lifetime'? Do you mean your Childhood?
Claus: I.. well, I... yes.
Vincent: I think I understand where you are coming from, Claus. You're the son of a great pilot, afterall, and I wouldn't expect anything less from you. It's an exciting era to live in.. The world around us is changing rapidly, becoming more mysterious and grand. And every second you remain in Norkia, hesitant at the prospect of a routine adulthood, opportunities of a lifetime pass you by.
Claus: Yes.. Exactly.
Vincent: Well you are a young man, and despite your role in triggering Exile you probably feel you have a lot more to prove.
Claus: No, thats where you're wrong.
Vincent: Oh?
Claus: I have a lot more to learn.

[Journal Entry]
"Claus!! Claus!!" Lavie rushed up the scattered pile of lumber where Claus was politely coughing sawdust into the crook of his right arm. "The stupid table can wait until later, You have to see what just started growing at the edge of town!"
"What were you doing at the border?" He hurriedly obeyed, "I asked you to get me some nails for joints! How can we--"
"It'll only take a minute if we run, cmon!" Lavi tugged Claus to his feet.
* * *
"Wow.. what's going on here?" Claus bent over Lavi'e newly discovered shrub, admiring the bright Blue flowers and and green berries that were sprouting in bunches high enough over the ground to look like floating puddles.
"I bet it's because of the weather, Claus. I bet there's all kinds of new plants even in this little valley.." Lavi paused a moment, thinking to herself, then startled Claus with a triumphant shout. "ALRIGHT!! Since I discovered them they'll be 'Lavi Berries,' my name will spread across the world in bright blue and green!"
"Don't be silly, Lavi, These have probably already been discovered elsewhere."
"Do I detect jealousy?"
"I wonder if they're edible...?" Claus said softly, inspecting the leaves.
"Well if they're discovered already we should find out, right?"
"They really are pretty, aren't they."
"That's why they should be called 'Lavi Berries,' dummy"
"I bet they can be used for dyes.."
Lavi joined in, inspecting her berries further. She inhaled a faint, tangy scent. "Or perfume," she said smiling.
Claus sat down in front of the bush quietly, lost in thought. "Women in town will start wearing bright blue..It'll be a new style I bet"
"Yah.. and I guess new flavors of food..."
"..And a new scent.."
"The leaves even, they're new too..."
"Can so many things come just a berry, Lavi? it seems..so fast..in an instant, so many new changes."
"Right..It's really wonderful..." They both felt silent, wondering, unable to look away from the bright colors.
"Then why do I feel.." Claus stopped, not sure of the word he was looking for. Lavi sighed for him, and before he could follow the thought any further--
"--Anyway it's just a berry. Hey..." She bumped his shoulder with hers, hard enough to get his attention away from the blue. "Do you wanna go flying as the sun sets?" She started walking back towards home.
"Yah.. That'd be nice..."
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Ergh [26 Aug 2004|08:23pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Well, I leave tomorrow for Cleveland. That means I won't be around until Sunday afternoon, most likely. No place to get online.

I'll be calling Krys, so I'll see if I can get updates that way, if anything happens.

Of course, the day after I get back, school starts, but I'll try to be on as much as possible.

I have two quotes of the day for you all. Krys already knows them. Both are from Otakon:

"Food? Sophia doesn't need food!" - Erik was telling me to eat. I thought that this response was appropriate.

"... Guild Technology... *perverted giggle*" - Both Erik and I are guilty of saying this one. XD;

~ Cai, who's relationship with Erik is teh OVER, and is looking for a masquerade ball near her home for Halloween


[24 Aug 2004|03:44am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Rawrg. Okay. Seeing as how many people couldn't make it on Wed, Thurs, ect... we're having the meeting TONIGHT. I believe Cai, Bonnie and I know so far. Krys, I'm sure you'll know before looking at the community journal.

What we are discussing:

-PIMPING. [Not only from LJ!]

-Wraping up the series [With twists!]

-Last Exile: Blue Planet [You shall see soon...]

-Character interaction.

-Mun problems/issues/real life crap X3

Alrighty then. Tonight! Be there!! :3



RPG transcripts? [24 Aug 2004|05:32pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, it's your ex-non-Alex here. I haven't lost interest in the RPG even though I unfortunately can't actually PLAY. One thing strikes me: I can keep track of events by reading the character's Journals but it seems to me that, knowing what I know about your twisted minds, I'm only getting a "sanitized" version of the events tidied into a "literary" style.

That's all and well but when I read about the Silverna crew stripping down to deal with the heat my mind really DOES boggle as to what I'm missing out on. I'm talking about the comic entertainment here. I'd feel a bit more than filthy if I attempted to get sexual thrills out of a RPG involving female players some less than half my age (I'm 35). I feel I have to repeat this disclaimer to avoid misunderstandings.

So... er... basically what I'm saying is I'd really appreciate it if you could save me any amusing snippets. Maybe if you publish them to others you'll get more people showing interest.. just a thought. ;)


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Alrighty then... [23 Aug 2004|06:18pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Would you all be so kind as to remove mullinshetland from your friends list?
I believe he shot himself. Erik couldn't play anymore.
If someone speaks to Erik, do tell him to delete his journal so it wont show up on our community friend's thing.

Thank you

~Rampage Feelinbetter!Rika :>

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take off your clothes get happy! [23 Aug 2004|06:16pm]

In the interest of like.. moving things along with the rpg, Rika and I did a scene in which I took the liberty of causing an explosion on the Silvana, putting the cooling system on the fritz temporarily. So now it's nice and warm and maybe stuffy while the ship gets repaired in the Dragon's Fangs. Make of it what you will I guess, at least it gives people an event upon which they can rp since we still don't have enough main players to continue with the main plot anyway.

Mind Slave Sophia [21 Aug 2004|08:52pm]

[ mood | content ]

Alex keeps losing his women to Delphine. XD;

Anyway, props to the costume designers for "The Cell" for the idea for the costume... instead of the red collar, though, I put in a Guild collar. <3

Gift for Krys. <3

~ Cai


A lot to go through [19 Aug 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Okay, number one thing I need to state:

Alba, Alex, you were correct on the time zones, I'm afraid. We thought it would be easy this way, but some of us are getting back into going to school, and it will be tough to stay up to RP... and I suppose the Alex's we've had before this [which is one, but it seems like too many already!] are "test runs" of sorts.
So, Alba, I'm sorry about this. You were right and I jumped in too soon thinking it would be fine with a different time zone and all.
I believe Cai spoke to you already, if I am not mistaken. But even so, I felt the need to post this as a personal apology that you couldn't be our Alex. Thank you, though.

Next thing. Tiffany [our Alvis] will be gone for a few days, unless she has internet access at her father's home. ^^; Which she does, but I don't know yet if she will be on or not. [This means I will have to give her a call and see...]

Nitasse, our Delphine, has been having family issues I believe. Though we need our Delphine soon. We need a lot of people soon so we can finally move from Develop...

The Alvis glow thingie [XD;;] will happen very shortly, so watch out for an update on episode changes. Of course, the episodes will not be exactly the same. If not, nearly everyone will be dead. And, er, we don't want that.

I'm almost deciding to take up Lavie myself, even though it's... wrong. *sighs* But we need you guys to pimp your little hearts out for the sake of moving on.

OH. Which reminds me. WE NEED TO HAVE A MEETING. I think I will plan it to be either this Saturday or maybe Sunday. I will be nearest to 7 or 8 PM Pacific time. I'll give you the update and heads up probably by tomorrow.


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